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History of Donations Policy

Fryerning Foundation was formed  in 2000, by Keith and Rita Brown who, with their daughter Lucy Whittaker, are the three trustees.  By creating an endowment fund that generates regular income, they have been able to support to a number of their chosen charities, and also ensure that this will continue in perpetuity.  Additionally donations have enabled  the range of giving to be broadened.

Fryerning Foundation particularly aims to make a difference to small locally based charities in Essex and East London.  This includes schools and churches, while  charities that help children have been an important focus of giving.  It does not make donations to National Charities or appeals or individuals. Fryerning Foundation also supports overseas development charities and those involved with animal welfare as a result  of the family’s strong interest in horses.

Fryerning Foundation also sponsors charitable events adding both financial support and organisational advice.  These includes concerts and plays in the gardens of Fryerning House.  Each year Fryerning Foundation sponsors the Ingatestone Rotary Club Golf Day and has worked with it to support many local charities, including some nominated by the Foundation.

By the end of 2008 Fryerning Foundation reached a milestone - 150,000 of support to deserving charities – really making a difference.

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