Keith Brown OBE, FCSI, ASIP

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Keith Brown Crest

The horse carries a bishop’s crook and is surrounded by flames. The horse represents the family’s interest in the breeding and racing of thoroughbreds. The bishop’s crook signifies the Christian faith of Keith and Rita. It is also part of the crest of Landkreis Roth in Bavaria as Keith was instrumental in creating the strong town twinning link with Brentwood. The flames are from the crest of the Borough of Brentwood in Essex. Keith is a former Chairman and now an Honorary Alderman of the Borough. 

The two Saxon seaxes are from the flag of the County of Essex, the place of his birth and also where Keith and Rita have lived all their married life. The seaxes also feature on the crest of the Essex Cricket Club where Keith was Treasurer and is now Chairman of the Essex Cricket Foundation.

The two swords represent Keith’s business connections with the City of London and his one time membership of the London Stock Exchange. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Securities Institute and Associate of the Society of Investment Professionals.

The Cooper’s tools represent Keith’s strong relationship with the Worshipful Company of Coopers as a Pastmaster and Ex-Deacon of the Incorporation of Coopers in Glasgow.

The compass signifies Keith’s involvement in Masonry as a Pastmaster of two Essex Lodges and Past Depute Master of the Trades House Lodge in Glasgow.

The 14 arrows bound together represent the 14 Trade Incorporations of Glasgow with the motto ‘Union is Strength’. Keith was Deacon Convener of the Trades House of Glasgow for 2016/17.

The pendant is that of the OBE awarded to Keith in the Queen’s Birthday Honours of 2015 ‘for services to fund raising and the community in Essex.’

The motto ‘Community Service Integrity’ summarises Keith and Rita’s long involvement in charities and organisations in Essex and Glasgow. The third word refers to Keith’s career as a stockbroker which was characterised by the motto “Dictum meum pactum’ (My word is my bond).

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